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Welcome to the world of Sydney's vivacious and enthusiastic marriage celebrant, Shelly Bennett. Your journey to a happy wedding in Sydney, an all-inclusive union, wedding vow renewal ceremony, commitment ceremony, marriage equility ceremony, or a baby naming celebration begins right here, and I'm honoured to be your guide.


Your wedding day, is one of the most significant and unforgettable events of your life, and your ceremony ought to be as special and one-of-a-kind as your love story. I'm dedicated to working with you as your celebrant to design a day that both joyfully and meaningfully captures your love and unique personality.


Whether you're organising a lavish, traditional wedding or a casual, seaside celebration, I'll work closely with you to craft a ceremony that captures the essence of your love and sets the tone for your special day.

 I'm here to make your experience arranging your celebration fun and simple as a passionate, highly experienced and registered civil celebrant.


I'll support you through the legal procedures, provide guidance and assistance, and make absolutely sure your ceremony goes off without a hitch from beginning to end.


So go no farther than Shelly Bennett Celebrant Sydney if you're looking for a celebrant that is imaginative, compassionate, and dedicated to making your unforgettable day unique.


Let's start to prepare for your ideal ceremony right away! Call me today so I can pencil in your dates. A video call is always a great way to start.


Get in touch and let's check my availability.









Shelly Bennett Civil Celebrant Sydney

Registered Funeral Director

Start your own authentic journey. Click to connect with Shelly Bennett Celebrant Sydney 


As a marriage celebrant Sydney couples have put their trust in since 2016, Shelly does so much more than simply speak the words to make your marriage official.


Shelly helps you craft a day that’s uniquely you with a ceremony written to reflect your story; plan and guide the choreography on the day, navigating the bridal party through every step.


Your words will be treasured for years to come as a reminder of your love and dedication.


A video call is a great way to start your journey.

Shelly Bennett Celebrant Customised Weddings

Have you been discussing eloping in Sydney?


Finding a marriage celebrant who has in-depth local knowledge of hidden-gem locations is essential.

With several years’ experience as a marriage celebrant in Sydney, Shelly Bennett knows her town like the back of her hand.


If you are from out of town, Shelly can fast-track your attention to stunning harbour or beach side locations.


End result, an unforgettable experience.

Shelly Bennett Celebrant Elope In Sydney

Sydney locals turn to Shelly for personalised, intimate weddings. 


As a civil celebrant, Shelly conducts commitment ceremonies, vow renewal, and baby-naming ceremonies.


Shelly is also a well-established 
Funeral Director conducting end of life ceremonies with the same passion, care and individuality as she embraces in life.

Shelly wholeheartedly urges couples to think about having a ceremony personalised in order to create an unforgettable celebration.

Connect with Shelly today!


Shelly Bennett Baby-Naming Ceremonies


Choosing the right celebrant is a big deal. The process of selection can be long and arduous, but if you are anything like me, go with your gut feeling. Once you know, you know. Let's start to prepare for your ideal wedding right away!


A video call is always a great way to get the ball rolling. Call me today so I can pencil in your dates. There is nothing worse than finding the right celebrant for your service, only to find out they are pre-booked and unavailable on your preferred date and time.


The official legal paperwork is lodged with me - don't worry I've got your back, then we can move onto the fun part.... planning your ceremony.


As a professional celebrant for almost 20 years I will walk with you through each phase of the ceremony step by step - so we all have a full understanding of what is expected of you on the day.


I am often referred to as the master choreographer. This is my strength as a celebrant.  Just like the conductor of an orchestra - I bring together each part of you ceremony to make one unifed whole.

Next we will compose your vows - together as a team.  Making your own wedding vows enables you to express your creativity and have fun throughout the event. You can share personal experiences, humorous anecdotes, or inside jokes with your companion.


According on your taste and preferences, your vows may be poetic, hilarious, or sentimental.


We liaise back and forth until you're 100 percent happy with your unique and personalised message.

On your wedding day everyone – especially you will feel the warmth and authenticity of your love being taken to the next level. 

click to call Shelly Bennett Celebrant Sydney right away to begin organising your ideal celebration.

Shelly Bennett Celebrant Sydney

"Since the moment we sat down with Shelly, we knew that she was the best fit for us.

She understood and expressed our love for each other in the ceremony and took on board our special requests for music, customised rituals and acknowledgements.

Most importantly, Shelly made the time for us well before the wedding to run through the plan at her home and in the venue. Both of us couldn't be happier sharing our special day with Shelly and can't thank her enough for being our celebrant."


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