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Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Benefits of Hiring an Authorised Marriage Celebrant for Your Wedding

Are you planning a wedding and want a modern wedding that is non-religious and non-traditional? If so, a modern wedding celebrant can definitely bring the wedding ceremony of your dreams to life and why they are the perfect fit to conduct your ceremony.


They can personalize your ceremony

When you hire an authorised marriage celebrant, they will take the time to get to know you. During the process, you will get to know each other well. By getting to know you, your celebrant will be able to help create the perfect wedding ceremony that is personalized to reflect your style, preferences and personalities.


Religion is not their primary concern

These days there are a growing number of mixed heritage couples. With this diversity, there is also a diversity in faiths. Because religion is not their primary concern, they won’t advocate any one faith over the other. This means, if you and your bride or groom have different faiths, they can tailor the ceremony to include some religious elements of both faiths to recognise a person’s heritage. They embrace practices and traditions that are important to you both and can incorporate those traditions into your ceremony.


An authorised wedding celebrant is truly dedicated to you

Not only will they help you create your dream wedding but they will also be available for as long as you need them. They can help you prepare all the legal documents and can even go with you to visit the registry office to ensure a smooth legal process. All you have to do is show up to your wedding and have a fun and stress free ceremony.


You can have your wedding wherever you want

A registrar can only marry you in an approved location, but with an authorised wedding celebrant, you can have your wedding wherever you please. Whether you want to have your wedding outdoors or on a beach in Sydney, they can perform the ceremony for you.


Most authorised wedding celebrants love what they do and conducting a ceremony that you will truly love is their business. If you are in need of a celebrant in Sydney, contact Shelly Bennett Celebrant. Shelly is an authorised celebrant in Sydney who combines warmth, professionalism and an eye for detail to ensure your ceremony is more than just special, but an experience to last a lifetime. Her commitment to you is to help you make your ceremony everything you and your partner have always dreamed of.


Learn more about Shelly on her website at

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