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From the traditional ceremony to the innovative, non-traditional tribute and life celebrations, I walk with you to create a beautiful, heart-centered ceremony, honouring your values in an affordable and authentic way.


Just like a wedding, a commitment ceremony is a heartfelt celebration of the love two people share. It has all the beauty, warmth and significance of a traditional ceremony, without the legal ties.

Some couples view marriage as a religious institution and while, as a civil celebrant, I can perform a beautiful legally binding ceremony without any religious connotations, a commitment ceremony simply feels more in line with some couples’ beliefs and values.


A baby naming ceremony, sometimes called a naming day, is an awesome way to bring your family and friends together to honour and celebrate your child.

I’d love to help you plan and create a baby naming ceremony that’s just perfect for your child!

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If you’re already married and want to celebrate your journey of marriage together so far, to reaffirm your love and strengthen your commitment, a ‘renewal of vows’ ceremony is a gorgeous way to do it.  It’s usually a casual and relaxed celebration, a time to reflect on the joys and adversities, acknowledging what you’ve accomplished and achieved, both as individuals and as a couple. And lastly, it’s a time to look ahead to the hopes and dreams of the years you have ahead.  What you include is up to you.


Together we can create a unique and personal ceremony that reflects your relationship, your love and the support and commitment you have for each other and your marriage.

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Shelly is an experienced Independent Funeral Director, offering relief for bereaved clients from the burden of practical arrangements with simplicity and ease. 

End of life celebrations, direct cremation, funerals with heart and soul, burial, infant funeral and end of life support. I team up with quality service providers & offer a more bespoke experience.

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