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Just like a wedding, a commitment ceremony is a heartfelt celebration of the love two people share. It has all the beauty, warmth and significance of a traditional ceremony, without the legal ties. Before December 7, 2017, this was the only option for same-sex couples wishing to wed – but with the marriage laws now allowing all unions (yay!), you might wonder why some couples still opt for a commitment ceremony today.

Some couples view marriage as a religious institution and while, as a civil celebrant, I can perform a beautiful legally binding ceremony without any religious connotations, a commitment ceremony simply feels more in line with some couples’ beliefs and values.

Perhaps you want to honour your love and promise yourselves to each other in front of family and friends, but without the religious fanfare you feel comes along with a traditional wedding – and that’s just fine! It’s simply another way of making your special day authentically you.

Other couples may choose a commitment ceremony because they don’t want the legal implications that come with a marriage – and that’s fine too! You may want to dedicate yourselves to one other without worrying about a piece of paper, the legal responsibilities and the government involvement that come with it.


It’s also a wonderful option for couples from overseas who plan to legally marry back home (or already have), but still want to hold a special day with friends and family in Sydneyto showcase and celebrate their love within their community.


Whatever your reason for choosing a commitment ceremony, it is a truly unique and personal way to express your ongoing love, and can be every bit as beautiful, magical and meaningful as a traditional wedding. Just as with a legal ceremony, I will walk with you to create a beautiful, heart-centred occasion, honouring your values in an affordable and authentic way and guide you through every step of your unforgettable big day.


Together, we will tell your love story and share the commitment you have to each other with your nearest and dearest, in the beautiful city Sydney. To find out more about how I can help you on your commitment ceremony journey, give me a call

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