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Fun Sydney Celebrant

Some Ideas For Your Fun Sydney Celebrant

No matter what, everyone can appreciate a good wedding ceremony. Not just for you, but for your guests also. That is why hiring a wedding celebrant to perform your wedding is a great idea. A wedding celebrant is there to bring your dream wedding ceremony to life. With a wedding celebrant, you can get married wherever you want, you are not bound to any religious traditions, but can incorporate certain ones just to pay homage to, both, you and your partner’s faith, you can include a unique ritual or beautiful symbolism into your ceremony - basically they are there to help design and craft a wedding ceremony that is catered to you as a couple.


If you are planning a wedding and are having a Sydney wedding celebrant perform the wedding ceremony for you, here are some fun ideas for your wedding and fun Sydney celebrant.


Add a beautiful symbolism

The ring exchange is certainly symbolic of your love, but why not incorporate something else? Something different. There are many special ways that can be a lovely symbolic moment. For example, lighting a unity candle, drinking your favorite wine together or exchanging love letters? You can even perform a ritual that is personal to you.


You can sing and dance

Everyone loves a good song, and singing and dancing at your wedding ceremony can definitely liven up the mood. Imagine, you and your friends at your favorite band’s concert singing and dancing along to the final song of their set. That is the type of energy this idea can bring. Whether it’s a love song you both love or just something to get the wedding guests pumped, singing and dancing at a wedding ceremony is definitely a good idea.


Other non-traditional ideas

Everyone is sure to be entertained and have a good time with these non-traditional ideas. Instead of having flower girls, why not have flower men? Or, if you have a lot of aunts or cousins, why not make them the flower girls? The flower girls are usually the first to walk down the aisle. So, imagine the buzz your guests will have when you open up with this idea. Or, instead of having a ring bearer, how about a ring dog? If you have a special furry friend, this is a great way to incorporate them into your wedding ceremony.


Do these ideas sound fun? Well, if you are in need of Sydney’s best celebrant, contact Shelly Bennett Celebrant. Shelly Bennett is considered to be Sydney’s best celebrant for good reasons. warm, professional and has an eye for detail to ensure that your ceremony is more than just special, but an experience to last a lifetime.


Learn more about Shelly on her website at

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